Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!! – July 2016

Hello from the other side….

Sorry.. couldn’t resist.. for those that don’t know the reference….wait a minute.. I forget that I probably am one of the only people in the world who didn’t know who Adele was until 2016… yes that’s right.. don’t worry.. after America even my 2 year old sadly knows “Hello” and adds her own interesting lyrics…

I digress….

This post was indeed not about that but an update of the WILKENS LATEST GREATEST and hopefully last move.  (For awhile at least.)

We arrived here in Perth almost exactly 3 weeks ago. We literally hit the ground running.  We landed in the evening and the very next morning Bruce found himself sitting in staff training for the upcoming Medical Discipleship Training School DTS that he is helping to staff. This is one of 5 Discipleship Training Schools this quarter at YWAM Perth. This quarter we welcomed around 180 students! The medical DTS has 39 students from 16 different countries! (If your still wondering what a DTS is click here)We are now entering week 4 of the school and some awesome things have been happening.. here is an excerpt of something Bruce shared:

This is what freedom looks like!! All this week on the DTS (discipleship training school) I am staffing we13680044_10155007285697538_3674467721283227652_o were learning about repentance and forgiveness; what God’s standard is, where we have transgressed that standard, how to repent, ask for forgiveness and receive it, and how to offer it to others that have hurt us. Yesterday, all 39 students took turns going before the class with lists they had made asking God for forgiveness and releasing forgiveness to others. It took over 12 hours and the whole day was very, very powerful. After each person finished they nailed their lists to a cross in the classroom. There is so much freedom in the forgiveness of God and so many hearts were set free! Surely this is why Jesus came; to bind up the brokenhearted and to set the captives free.




The big kids started their first week of school which was a 3 day week.  They did great though it was really overwhelming for them.  They are really looking forward to this next week already.








Some are less than thrilled that Big brother and big sister will be gone again all day and she can’t go to school with them.




Our apartment is coming together nicely.  The first few weeks were rough as we lived on the floor but after a few exhausting trips to IKEA and some home delivery its starting to feel like home.  We are really glad for this especially in the business of life!





Here are a few more pictures!

IMG_0913  IMG_0816

IMG_0981  IMG_0907

IMG_0871  IMG_0974

P.s.  Its winter here and we are freezing!! its only in the 50-60F during the day and 40F at night.. yes I realize we are still weather wimps from Africa!!

Oh and Happy Birthday today to one of our favorite babies!!!!


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