Pole Pole…. Slowly by Slowly… Feb. 22

We are entering our 3rd week of being here. Things are taking some time to get used to: the change in food (and how our bodies react to it), the drastic change in temperature, the new language (and the subsequent barrier resulting from that), how the kids play here (its a bit abrasive and it’s […]

Daaarling…this African heat is exhausting! -Feb.12th

WE MADE IT!  We arrived 330am Friday into Dar es Salaam (630pm central time thurs).  It was hot and sticky as promised and apparently the first rain in 6 weeks decided to welcome us.  It was pouring rain and there was no power when we arrived at the base. Within 30 mins of arriving the […]

Goodbye North Pole.. Hello Hot and Sticky.. Feb. 5th

So we have been cleared to enter Tanzania on tourist visas with the hope that in the very near future we will be granted the visas necessary to start work.  We cannot delay any longer as our tickets have already been changed once and we cannot change them again.  Most of all we are really […]