If You Can’t Take the Heat.. Go Higher- Nov. 17

After our overnight stay in Saadani National Park we had planned to head North in Tanzania about 7 hrs. to Lushoto. Lushoto is located north of Dar in the Usumbara mountain range. Our trip there was pretty eventful.. would you expect anything else?? First off, we drove from Saadani so we were off of the main […]

Giraffes and Mudholes and the Giant Dump Truck- Nov 16

What do these three things have in common? On our recent trek to the Saadani National Park we learned a few valuable lessons. We have been in Game parks before. We usually just pay the car and people entrance fee and drive ourselves around. Its such a fun time. We let the kids pile onto […]

The Kids Birthdays in Tanzania- Sept./Oct.

So this September and October we celebrated all 3 of our kids birthdays.  What does this look like in Africa?? Well it may surprise you that it didn’t look much different than at home.  We decided to celebrate all three of the kids birthdays with our church family members from the international church we attend […]

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo… Oct. 2014

So We decided the venture down the long bumpy road that leads to the Dar es Salaam Zoo.  We had seen many signs and it is on our side of town so one Saturday morning with our neighbors we braved the 9km bumpy road that leads there.  We had heard mixed reviews of the place […]