5 weeks down under -Feb-Mar 2016

We arrived in Western Australia about 2 ish weeks ago.. How are we? Hows it going? What are we doing? These are questions we hear a lot and we are so grateful for the love and support we have felt as so many of you have been following our family and our strange life. Haha!

Firstly, The flights were pretty uneventful.  The second leg of the trip poor Bruce had a unhappy toddler screaming and kicking his seat almost the whole 10hr flight so he had a bit of trouble sleeping..

we arrived, showed customs our one basket, wooden box and salad tongs.. these things were of great interest.. (not really) We were met by some smiling YWAM Perth faces which was such a blessing.  We had jet lag for about the first week.. wasn’t so bad except we were waking up really early and then feeling super tired starting about 4pm… we would then push through the tired feeling and then be awake until about 12am.. but then feel super hungry because 12pm fell right around dinner time in Tanzania.. Haha.. we survived.

The first week we hit the ground running.. we had our 2 most important meetings the first week which probably in hindsight wasn’t so smart but it worked out.  One an interview with the kids future school and one with the Healthcare ministry leaders here at YWAM. I think we pressured ourselves a bit after these meetings to figure everything out quickly, but remembering that this is why we have the 5 weeks here we were able to calm down a bit.  We have been spending our time listening for confirmation from God that this is what he has for us.  There is definitely a place here in the Healthcare Ministry for us and the kids this week were officially accepted to our school of choice, but after thinking we would be in Tanzania longer than we were and coming off of that experience we are treading a little lighter and taking our time.

12728985_10154524925257538_151194958862788331_nOur kids have been having the time of their lives. The weather is much nicer here. Josiah is basically off of all of his asthma and allergy meds! Praise the Lord. They have been loving the endless supply of parks and all of the variety of foods and snacks.  I feel like they have been eating non-stop since we arrived here.  They love taking the public transportation and cruising around in the little car a friend has let us borrow from time to time.  It only takes less than 20 mins to get anywhere!! After 2 years of 2-4hr traffic jams the kids are in heaven. (Us as well)  We have been homeschooling at the apart

ment we rented and spending a lot of time at the YWAM base.  The kids really like the school they will attend and in a week they will go for a half day.  Hoping this will allow them to meet their teachers and make a few friends so that when they come back its not a scary experience for them as they will be dropping in mid year.  Josiah will be in first grade and Abigail will be in 3rd grade but in a split 3rd&4th class.  Lily will start preschool at the base after she turns 3 in Sept.29811_10154614779107538_4748569006925330025_n12743628_10154530640417538_4985743319748453333_n

Returning to this base has been like returning home in many cases.  First off we remember it. We remember Perth a bit, how to get around and where things are.  That’s a blessing.  But, we were also blown away by the number of people that remember us from nearly 4 years ago.  Not just recognizing us but remembering our names.  This is pretty amazing being that the longest time we spent there was 3 months in 2012.  People have been happy to see us and excited at the prospect of us joining staff.  Its also exciting that there are so many young families in our stage of life serving God together at the base.  Even our shy Lily has been wandering around the base like she owns the place and talking to people!!

12670393_10154577145432538_3151164691488580792_nBruce spent the last 2 weeks serving at the YWAM base in the maintenance department.  He has been doing all sorts of little odd jobs and has enjoyed working with his hands a bit.  Its also been good for him to be around to meet people and get a feel for things.  He has been digging holes, filling holes, laying brick, mowing lawns, fixing beds and painting things. He was also asked to teach in the medical missions school on the topic of Tropical Medicine.  So we look forward to that.


you can take the girl out of Tanzania but you cant take the Tanzania out of the girl!! beans and rice was the only thing she would eat for the first few weeks!

Looking forward to our return to America and visiting family and friends!!                          12715571_10154530450867538_4795810523303872012_n 534130_10154638274507538_773055292483220501_n 12717390_10154537437767538_6206664012527201264_n




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