A Month in… March 7

This has been a busy week.  Not that I don’t have a lot to say about it.. its just I haven’t had much time to sit and ponder all that we are experiencing and put it into words.  I actually call this the 4 week block.  Block because we have been here just long enough for our minds to take in the fact that we are not just vacationing or visiting some place.  But we have MOVED here and it is our home.  I suppose the fact that we are still in our two rooms with piles and piles of disheveled belongings everywhere adds to the feeling of temporary. 100_3709 Its chaos and I am amazed at my ability to when asked where something is to name which pile or place I last saw it.  Bruce has made the statement that once again living in these 2 rooms has pretty much solidified that we can live anywhere.

On that note..  I was talking with someone about our lives and especially over the last 2 years.  She was questioning if she could travel back to America so late in her pregnancy. (worried about discomfort and the like)  I said “sure you can!” and I proceeded to tell her how many hours I had of flight time in the last 2 months of my pregnancy with Lily. (about 60) I then told her that anyone could do it. (just giving her a vote of confidence that if she is in a hard place she’ll pull through.) She got wide eyed and said.. No. That’s crazy.  Not everyone can do crazy.  There you have it folks.  Crazy.  Apparently not everyone can do crazy.

The house is almost finished!! Hard to believe.  This accounts for most of our business over the last week. We have been getting our hands dirty trying to finish up. In this culture not many people do there own work on their house. Usually you hire a Fundi (tradesman) who may or may not be trained to tackle the task at hand.  But he’ll give it a go.  😉 We have been getting joked with by the other staff who find it somewhat funny that we are painting our own walls, caulking, sanding, grouting and even sewing our own curtains.  Its a very American concept to see something that needs to be done and just pick up and do it without asking for help.  We coined the acronym  DIY (do it yourself). Here many hands make light work. So it is indeed a culture where its common and even expected to ask someone to do something for you.  I am sure I have offended many in these last few weeks by my “do it yourself” attitude. But I’m learning.  Anyhow we have been up late many a night this week working like little elves. We have been blessed by the many on the base who have pitched in to help.  We hopefully will be moved in by beginning of this next week!

Rainy season has started and we will post more on that soon.  That’s all for now. enjoy the pics below.


homeschool at the new house


homeschool in the rooms


beginnings of rainy season


what they like to call “JAM” here.


in downtown Dar

100_3757      100_3726   100_3718   100_3716   100_3708             100_3695   100_3680   100_3681   100_3678   100_3677   100_3676   100_3675














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