Being A Midwife Means.. Oct. 24th

Being a midwife means the joy of placing your hands on a woman’s belly only to feel the kicks of a new life coming back at you.

Being a midwife means telling the beautiful, young, 6 month pregnant woman sitting across from you that she now has HIV.

Being a midwife means building relationships to empower women by giving them knowledge to save their life and their babies’ lives.

Being a midwife means hearing story after story of loss and heartache that seems “normal” here, and then using every ounce of God’s help to stay hopeful.

Being a midwife means giving a woman the chance to hear her unborn baby’s heartbeat and letting it bring a smile to her face.

Being a midwife means telling a already exhausted mother of 5 that she most likely is having twins.

Being a midwife means having a door into a woman’s world and sometimes into her heart.

Being a midwife means trying to problem solve when the resources are few and the need is great.

Being a midwife means showing someone the love of Jesus through touch, care and concern.

Being a midwife means being a detective to look for signs and symptoms of a possible problem when modern tests are not available.

Being a midwife means hearing stories that will infuriate you and make you lose faith in ‘the goodness of man’.

Being a midwife means telling someone that everything looks great and relieving fears after many miscarriages or early infant deaths.

Being a midwife means going to your knees for help.

Being a midwife means telling someone they are not pregnant even when they convinced themselves they are. (and then trying to convince them their value is not tied to childbearing)

Being a midwife means celebrating God’s victory over death, seeing Light overcome darkness.

Being a midwife means that reliance on God is not an option but a must.

Being a midwife means having your emotions twisted like a pretzel; it’s heavy, heart-lifting, rewarding, overwhelming and amazing all at the same time.

Being a midwife means so much more than catching a baby. It’s an open door. It’s God’s heart.


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2 Comments on “Being A Midwife Means.. Oct. 24th

  1. I LOVE YOU and LOVE this post! I miss you guys and wish I were sharing in your Midwifery AFRICAN STYLE stories face to face again.
    Cherish them for me and know Hans-David and myself are with you in spirit!
    WE heart AFRICA!!!

    • We love you too!! and can’t wait to meet your squishy little man!

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