Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo… Oct. 2014

10687301_10153223590557538_9015364757586314031_oSo We decided the venture down the long bumpy road that leads to the Dar es Salaam Zoo.  We had seen many signs and it is on our side of town so one Saturday morning with our neighbors we braved the 9km bumpy road that leads there.  We had heard mixed reviews of the place varied from its good to its o.k. to we made it as far as the parking lot.  I can now see what was meant by the last comment because when you are in the parking lot the smell of “animal” is almost overwhelming and offensive to the olfactory glands. Thankfully as you walk down the path entering the Zoo the smell dissipates to a tolerable and expected level.  It also helped that we were paying the resident rate. Had we been paying the visitor rate which is 3 times that I think we mayIMG_3372 have only toured the parking lot as well.  There were many varieties of birds and the kids were able to feed the ostriches.

There were several caged cats including a male and female lion and an assortment of soda drinking monkeys. Yes, that’s right. Monkeys who drink soda. The animal lover in you may be screaming out and I have to admit although it was in me as well.. it was well.. quite entertaining. And with the language barrier to the man in charge of watching the monkeys we managed to say that it was terrible for them to which he seemed to reply that he only allows them a little a day.. whew! That’s a relief.  This  IMG_3406particular guy seems like he’s picked up a few calories this way. In any case he was a seasoned pro in getting soda out of even a closed bottle. We did as any zoo visitor would do. We posed with the soda drinking monkeys, marveled at their ability to hold and drink and even open the soda bottle and laughed when the monkey in turn threw IMG_3412the empty bottle back at the visitor that offered it to them.  I know.. the shame of it all.


IMG_3401 IMG_3396

IMG_3375 IMG_3384

IMG_3391 While in Africa. Especially Tanzania. I definitely would choose safari over the zoo.. but I guess.. who wouldn’t?


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