Goodbye North Pole.. Hello Hot and Sticky.. Feb. 5th

So we have been cleared to enter Tanzania on tourist visas with the hope that in the very near future we will be granted the visas necessary to start work.  We cannot delay any longer as our tickets have already been changed once and we cannot change them again.  Most of all we are really just READY to get there and start setting up.  We are definitely still praying for these visas as we have been hitting huge obstacles that seem to never end but God who has called us is faithful and He will do it! This morning we just got word that Bruce was granted permission from the ministry of health to now apply for the work visa! PTL!

We have been watching the temperature differences between Dar and Chicago over the last few weeks. At one point it was a 128 F degree difference!!  Today with windchill in Chicago it feels like 15 F at 9am and its 6pm in Dar and currently with heat index it feels like 97F! We are going to melt!

As we look over the last few months of our lives. Welcoming Lily into our family, enjoying lots of time with friends and family we have truly been blessed.  Josiah even got his snow that he prayed for everyday while we were in Africa. To the tune of 53.7 inches so far this winter (Its actually now threatening to cancel our flight. Ha!)

Our last bag is still waiting for last minute things to be stuffed into it and then weighed.  Kids are ecstatic for the plane ride of all things (not me!) and just overall anxious to get to Tanzania.  Our flight leaves tonight at 10pm and we will arrive 330am Tanzanian time on Friday. (6:30pm Thurs)

We are so thankful for all of you that have followed us and supported us and stood with us over this last year and last few months.  We are thankful for the countless prayers and encouragements for our family! As we take this next step and enter the country and navigate through the next stages of how to get our family and resident visas we just keep thinking…. ‘Wilkens Family Adventures’ has been a pretty fitting title for this blog.  God continues to take us on interesting adventures and we always seem to find ourselves in more adventurous situations that we would probably choose on our own. Surrender to God has been anything but boring! Although at times it make us squirm in our seats, we wouldn’t change it for anything!


What 8 tubs with our worldly possessions looks like.


Last minutes watching American morning cartoons.



What 53.7 inches of snow looks like.


We look forward to updating you the next time from our new home!!

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One Comment on “Goodbye North Pole.. Hello Hot and Sticky.. Feb. 5th

  1. whoop whoop! ready or not DAR… here they come- AGAIN!
    can’t wait to see and hear more about your MIRACLES with VISA’s and such… big hugs to all!

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