Indian Themed Date Night- Mar. 2015

So, every.. oh, I don’t know…. 6 weeks or so H and I make a push to have a date night. This isn’t an easy task here but it is possible. Unless we stay in town with friends who are willing to watch our kids for the night there’s really only one place we can go that’s just close enough to our house. To call it a mall would be a stretch, it’s really a shopping center but they do have a movie theater. So.. dinner and a movie right?

The first 2 times we tried this we got stuck in traffic for (not kidding) at least 2 hours. Date night bust X 2. IMG_20150325_171138




Determined not to give up we then found something of an off-roading shortcut that bypasses all the truck traffic that is going on at that time of day. This has so far continued to work but when the rains come things start getting a crazy any which way we go to get there.

But that’s not all. The shopping center is owned by Tanzanian Indians and the theater is owned by Tanzanian Indians. Our two restaurant choices are Subway or Sammy’s Indian Cuisine. IMG_20150325_173958 The movies shown at the theater are either straight up Bollywood, hey this is culturally interesting but I can’t get into this, oh my gosh are they going to start dancing again? or Hollywood horror/shoot-’em-up films. Occasionally though, if there’s a Western movie that has some Indian themes, it usually shows up at the theater. For example, the last movie we saw was called “100 Foot Walk” which was about an Indian family immigrating to France and mixing Indian and French cuisines, etc… It was okay. Especially for a date movie. We also saw “Bangalore Days” there which was pretty good and only had one spontaneous dance scene. Had to leave early though because of traffic. 🙁

So…. playing this past week was…. The 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Fine. Let’s do it! Our good friend Sarah was willing to watch the kids and put them to bed and off we go! Indian themed date night!

The rains have only started a little while ago and we kind of forgot when that happens, traffic gets extra crazy. So we got stuck in some pretty heavy traffic on the way but managed to maneuver to our off-road short cut filled with mud and potholes. IMG_20150325_172521 IMG_20150325_172137

Got to the place on time and sat down at Sammy’s for some tikka and curry with even a little time to spare. Went to get the tickets…. “We’re not showing that movie today.”

“What!? Why?”


“What problem?”

Not understanding the reason, I asked to see the manager who was nice and apologetic and showed me that the particular theater where THAT movie is playing, well, because of the rains part of the ceiling has collapsed. So we’re not showing it today. There’s too much water up there and we’re worried it might fry the equipment.

Wow. Hello Mr. Murphy. Or maybe just hello East Africa? Whatever. Disappointed but with a promised movie on the house, H and I finished our tikka and headed for an already started shoot-em-up Hollywood thriller which, for a while was pretty interesting but then quickly deteriorated into typical unrealistic dribble. Not much of a date night movie but still, we’ll take what we can get!

Well.. not many people get to off road on a date.. so there’s that. IMG_20150325_172957

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One Comment on “Indian Themed Date Night- Mar. 2015

  1. OH How I MISS and LOVE you both!
    Sorry for the 2x Date night BUST- DAR.. and the DARN TRAFFIC 🙂

    Thanks for keeping the updates coming. Even, though I’m delayed to read them 🙂

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