Daaarling…this African heat is exhausting! -Feb.12th

WE MADE IT!  We arrived 330am Friday into Dar es Salaam (630pm central time thurs).  It was hot and sticky as promised and apparently the first rain in 6 weeks decided to welcome us.  It was pouring rain and there was no power when we arrived at the base. Within 30 mins of arriving the roosters started to welcome the day and after a few more surprises we were ready for BED! Thankfully we were able to take some melatonin and fall asleep for a few hours. We had no problems entering the country on tourist visa and thankfully after Bruce just went to ask a gentleman guard a question he ushered Bruce to the front of the line and we were through in about 10 mins. Thank you for your prayers for travel mercies! It was rough as any 17hrs of flight time would be.. but the kids handled it amazingly and all is well.

We are so happy to be here.  Mostly because the waiting is over and although life here is tough we can get started on the long haul of settling in.  The people on the YWAM base have been amazing and welcomed us with smiles and open arms! 2 of them even knocked on our door yesterday asking for our huge stinky mound of laundry and I reluctantly and apologetically handed it over.  They thoughtfully hand-washed and hung our clothes to dry and it was such a blessing.

Our house is a few weeks away from being finished and although we feel frustrated at the fact that we have to be in a 2 room dorm and try to settle in with our tubs in a disheveled mess and then once again move into the new house when completed, we know we are so blessed to have a house here.   Today we went out to pick out some tile and paint and will start gathering furniture at some point.  I’ll post pics of the progress below.

Josiah is running around calling everything living his new pet; my pet chicken bauk bauk, my pet lizard lizzy, my pet millipede chungalunga. Abigail has made countless mud pies and is enjoying playing with the kids on the base and the puppies that are here as well.  She also is mostly found climbing the guava tree.  The 2nd day here she said “Mom this is just great! In America you have to go to the store to buy fruit but here you just climb a tree and grab some to eat!” Although the kids think the fruit is great there is little to no protein in our diet and we will need to figure out how to supplement it soon.  Lily is doing well too. Smiling as usual. I think the extreme cold to extreme heat has been hard on all of us and especially on her.. but she is handling it like a champ! She has officially began to roll over and laugh and sleep on her side.  She is loving being carried around African style in the sling and we get lots of attention when we are out and about.

We will update again soon.  But for now enjoy some pics!

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  1. Thank you for posting the pictures! I can better envision your new daily life and it was so great to see your smiling faces.

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