Michigan Invasion! -Aug 2015


So about a year ago our good friend John contacted us about wanting to bring a group from his church in Michigan.  I (Heather) have known John and his wife Suzie for about 19 years. We were thrilled at the idea. Over the last year we hashed out the details and they decided to come this last August.  The really awesome part was that John was going to bring his son Johnny whom I have known since he was born.  Such a crazy thing to have someone you knew as a baby be grown up and coming on a mission trip to see you in Africa! We planned for them to do a sports bible camp for the kids in our primary school.


What a high energy week! These guys planned a daily schedule of games, sports, crafts and a bible teaching.  The camp only ran about 4 days and its a good thing because these guys gave it their all each day and were bushed by the end of it!  They were also joined by two Austrian girls who were volunteering at our base and they made a great addition to the team.

Not only did these guys run a camp but they brought such fun and joy and refreshment to our family! They spoiled IMG_0855us with things like tortilla chips, marshmallows, chocolate chips, puzzles, and more!! They played with our kids and loved on them and it was such a special time for our family!


Did I mention they helped us with chores like dishes, folding clothes, pruning large trees and slashing grass with machetes??

IMG_0844 IMG_0858IMG_0859

After the busy week was done after camp on the saturday we took them to the beach (Indian Ocean) for some relaxation and sunshine.. because there is never enough of that! haha!

IMG_0971 IMG_0962 IMG_0958 P1010132

We had a 24 hr break and of course if you come to Africa. You have got to see some Africa. and if you have hosts as crazy as us we will probably make it happen… SO We went to our church in Dar es Salaam on Sunday and immediately after we left for a Safari!!

We drove to a park about 3 hrs North of us.  As far as safaris go we didn’t see as much as we had hoped but we saw a mother load of giraffes and monkeys!!

We spent the night in the park and did a morning game drive and didn’t see much and then started heading back to Dar. On the way we made a pit stop in Bagamoyo for a bit of history.  Bagamoyo is a coastal town where a lot of the IMG_1212slave trade left from.  Bagamoyo loosely translates to “leaving your heart” as slaves knew once they left they would leave their families and land forever.  We visited a church that is a famous spot where the church would buy slaves their freedom and hundreds were set free.  Its also a spot where the famous David Livingstone had worked from.




AS we were leaving the church……

We had an incident that our family is known for on safari…

IMG_20150810_133925 P1010244

After some complications and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we were on our way. next pit stop a souvenir market in Dar, Chinese food and a long drive back to the village. Sometimes I think we are getting to old for this insanity.. and though we were really tired we had so much fun!!

After we got home from the Safari the team had one day left and so decided to bless the kids that live on our base and some local village kids with a bible fun day! Did I mention how amazing these guys are!

This team was just such an amazing blessing to us and we missed them so much when they left. We are thankful for the ministry they did here, their hearts to bless our family and the friendships that were formed!!!

P1010320 IMG_1296




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