MURICA!! – March-June

Ok ok.. so no blogging.. well we have been busy.  Traveling and eating and visiting and traveling and visiting and eating.. well you get the point.  Whew!! It has been an amazing, overwhelming, fun, lovely and exhausting visit back to the homeland.

12642633_10154654593787538_7971844962443590056_nWe landed end of March in Cali and the first thing we did was eat pancakes! Why you ask? I don’t know.. seemed like the American thing to do.. (I myself had a Cobb Salad that I had been dreaming of over the last few months before we got here.)12718375_10154654593922538_9062567205454162662_n


Oh and we froze.  It was in the 70’s and we were shivering and getting stared at because we were wearing all the warm clothes we could muster while standing next to short and tank top wearing Californians.




So here is a brief blurb of our time home:

California we visited family and spent Easter

12901430_10209283400271676_6521975826126549633_o 12938144_10154701484007538_6717630723513481723_n

IMG_4493 IMG_4495

IMG_4497 IMG_4496

Saw a red bridge

IMG_4468 IMG_4477 IMG_4485



ate snow flakes (Northern Cali)


Oregon visited our friend Sarah who we lived with in Tanz.


Saw some BIG Trees

IMG_4577 IMG_4606

IMG_4554 IMG_4604 IMG_4639

Hugged some Trees


found a wood elf


Portland visited more family

IMG_4679 IMG_4667

Drove to Seattle saw some Tulips and some old friends

12961547_10154706655652538_2360257114293033632_n IMG_4694

IMG_4705 IMG_4698 IMG_4697

Celebrated getting old


Chicago visited family, went shopping


Ate more pancakes with said family..

13007259_10154737163547538_8912486364422033199_n IMG_0621

Drowned in paperwork..


Celebrated more getting old with back massages and Greek eating.. Opa!

IMG_0014 IMG_0056 IMG_0051

Went to Michigan visited family

IMG_0167 IMG_0153 IMG_0148

IMG_0236 IMG_0158 IMG_0168

Roller Skating!!

IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0215

Old cars and farms

13116398_10154770245342538_3742081664148652869_o 13178829_10154807025872538_5970787704097652045_n

Church Sharing..


friend visiting


pretended there was snow

IMG_0274 IMG_0261

Back to Chicago and tree climbing..

13239183_10154829668072538_286059851681721762_n 13267781_10154829668067538_2911099938122028913_n

Hot cocoa and grandparent spoiling

IMG_0476 IMG_0471 IMG_0477

3 of us off to Jamaica for sibling wedding fun

IMG_0453 IMG_0446 13221143_10153905389177771_3744738509787796572_o

back to Chicago for more visits

IMG_0590 13315280_10154840725422538_4810998263574235189_n

Beans and Chicago fun

IMG_0600 IMG_0602

IMG_0607 IMG_0604


IMG_0506 IMG_0505

Wisconsin to the cabin for relaxing, fishing and 12 year anniversaries

13335704_10154845620232538_3798178813452314520_n 13260276_10154845622222538_5567273151270495605_n

13267834_10154845622152538_6412874041957563680_n 13260262_10154845622127538_969259668336648902_n

ViviLnk ViviLnk

ViviLnk ViviLnk

This is a small sampling of our time home and its been such fun!



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