New Year New Adventure -Jan.3

So we left Michigan. Said goodbye to our church, family and friends and headed to Chicago. It was difficult but the thought that we were going to be packed and on a plane in 3 weeks pushed us forward. This new year starts a new chapter for our family. We are more than ready to have a home and put down some roots for awhile. This last year and a half has been beyond amazing for our family. Filled with laughter, tears, stress and joy and one that we will never forget or never regret.  As we move forward we are so excited, nervous and READY… well almost.

We were set to leave from Chicago on Jan 15th and since have gotten word about our visas and told that the offices in Dar do not re-open because of the holidays until Jan 13th. sigh. the good part is it takes some stress off of packing… the bad part is the momentum we were feeling pushing us forward has turned into running in sand.  There are several things to consider and mainly for the kids sake although the extra time here seems like a blessing its also a challenge. a 3 week push meant crazy mad packing and last minute visits. I was going to hold off on homeschooling until we arrived in Dar.. now it seems the length of time begs for structure and almost gives us time to half settle in again….

But alas its a minor setback and we are still for the most part moving forward… We are hoping to head out sometime the first week in Feb.

We received recent pictures of our house.. we didnt say much about it on the previous post, but its a simple cement block house with a corrugated iron roof.  Yes running water and toilets but best of all a place to call home!! 🙂


In the meantime you can find us playing in the 8-10 inches of snow we just got!


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