Safari and Zanzibar all in 5 days! -Sept. 2015

I’m so behind in posts and although I have a few cued and almost ready to go I figured I might as well start with the most recent and work backwards.  The electricity has been very unreliable over the last month and now seems to back back and working.  We don’t hold our breath around here though. :p

Mid September we were so blessed and excited to have some family visit!!! My (Heather) cousin Jeff and his oldest daughter Casey came to visit for a week.  There were only here for 6 days after travel and we really wanted to show them some of Tanzania so we took them on a whirlwind trip!  It was hard and tiring at times but, Oh so amazing!

We Picked them up Thurs. night late and then the next day Friday was our oldest daughters birthday.  So we went to Dar to celebrate and stay the night so as to be closer to the road we needed to take to drive to Mikumi National Game Park.  Driving from the village to the city was an experience and after taking them shopping at a store and out to dinner and frozen yogurt, I think they had a well rounded first day.


Lily was already buckled in!

The next morning we started the 6 hour long drive to Mikumi.  We arrived around 4pm and saw many animals on the road leading up to the entrance which was exciting. It also made us hopeful of seeing a lot of animals because there have been game drives where we have seen very little.  The evening game drive did not disappoint.  We saw Zebra, Elephants, Giraffe, Monkeys, baboons, loads of antlered animals such as bush buck and kudos, water buffalo, wildebeast, hippos and crocs!!

We have done quite a few game drives at a closer game park to the North of us and this one was much better but the drive was quite brutal for a quick trip. But it was well worth it and we all had an amazing time.

After our drive back to Dar we stayed the night and then took the 8am ferry to Zanzibar. The kids were pretty IMG-20160122-WA0003cashed by then so they just spent 3 hours on a comfy bed in the air-conditioning watching Tom and Jerry episodes with me while the others did some exploring of Stone Town. (kids are so funny, this is by far one of their favorite memories which they repeat again and again.)





We ended the night at the nightly fish market where you can get a selection of a million different grilled sea creatures. Caught a look at the sun setting with the dow sailboats and took in some of the eclectic culture of Zanzibar…

IMG_3862 IMG_3811 100_2495  IMG-20160122-WA0005 IMG_20150922_121536

Next day went on a spice tour, bumbled around a bit and then took the ferry home.  The following day we hung out a bit at home and then they flew home!! Whew!!  What a crazy but amazing trip!!! So happy to have had them to visit.


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