The Kids Birthdays in Tanzania- Sept./Oct.

So this September and October we celebrated all 3 of our kids birthdays.  What does this look like in Africa?? Well it may surprise you that it didn’t look much different than at home.  We decided to celebrate all three of the kids birthdays with our church family members from the international church we attend in the city.  God has blessed us with an amazing international church family.  We also, especially for the older ones, wanted to make the birthday celebrations as much as what they were used to back home as usual being that we would not be with family and friends back home.

Where we are in Tanzania in seems birthdays are not celebrated as much as in western countries. Some of this is due to the fact that, especially in the past, people may not know the exact date they were born on. They may know the month but maybe not the day.  Here it seems birthdays pass without so much as a comment regarding it.  Our base has a corporate birthday celebration the last Friday of the month. Its our monthly family night.  Its not a birthday party but the birthdays are mentioned, cards are given and those who have birthdays get prayed for a blessing for their next year.

We live a good distance from church and from our friends there so unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as baking a cake and having some people over. We ended up having them all at restaurants.

L turned the big 1 the 1st of September. We planned a lunch party at an Italian restaurant with a playground after church and invited some friends with young kids from church.  The problem? She and Josiah had fevers the night before.  Party cancelled. We rescheduled for the following Saturday.  The problem?? We fought 4 hours of traffic to get there and ended up rushing late into her party.  Lesson learned. Saturday mornings are not the best for driving to the north side of the city.  It was still a fun day celebrating her.  IMG_3285We also brought cupcakes to our Monday night base dinner and had a mini celebration there. IMG_3321



A turned 7 this year and was eager to have a party with her friends from church.  We planned to have a small party on a nearby beach which actually entailed our friends from the northside to have to drive closer to us.  It was planned for a Saturday and then a meetIMG_20140921_143446ing got planned that meant that most of those invited would not be able to attend.  So.. flexible as we must be.. we rescheduled to for after church at a restaurant that has an indoor play place in the city. (Which was A’s second choice.) An extra little bonus is that they also have face painting as part of their entertainment while parents eat and someone to keep an eye on the kids.




J turned 5 this year and just wanted to play! We planned it for a Sunday after church at a fast food restaurant with a play area. It was HOT! but all had a good time.  1414344525825IMG_20141026_125521








We also did small things for them as a family. Both A &J requested frozen yogurt and we went to one of the few pay to enter parks here.

IMG_20141019_140235 1411564361783 1411822865145

Over all.. with planning and things going wrong we will be having one joint party for all of them this next year!

The kids have grown so much and we love them to pieces!

IMG_20141018_152407 IMG_20141008_104456 IMG_20141028_121832


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