Update – So What’s The Latest?? -Jan. 27th

So what is going on with the Wilkens?? Well, we are 8 days away from finally boarding that plane to Dar es Salaam!

Our original date was Jan. 15th but was delayed to the 5th of Feb hoping that our work visas would be granted before we departed.   We were hoping to avoid steep fees that would be charged if we arrived on tourist visas and then tried to switch to work/residency visas after we arrived.  We however have yet to acquire the work/residency visas.

With only 8 days remaining this leaves our faith tested. God however tends to work in the 11th hour and although we are sweating.. his timing is perfect.  Our Swahili teacher who is originally from Dar has been making some connections for us with a specific person in immigration we are hoping this will help but are waiting to see. We are praying this is resolved and that we receive favor to come, stay and work.

We have been busy sorting and packing and weighing. We currently are packing everything into eight 22 gallon tubs and one hiking backpack.  Each tub has a weight limit of 50lbs.  This is leaving me (Heather) sweating as well.. because its always the last minute stuff that needs to be packed that makes it interesting.

The kids are hanging in there. They are doing their usual count-down calendar and are more than ready to board the plane.  At times I think they are more excited and ready than we are.

So that’s it..its been quite the winter! Chicago as of Sunday has seen 45.8 inches of snow this winter. In a full season, the city typically sees 36.7 inches! unfortunately its been so cold the kids have not been able to even play in it! ugh! cabin fever is rampant at the Wilkens’ home.

Here’s to hoping that Feb. 7th we will step off a plane into Dar and let the real sweating commence!!

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