Zanzibar Revisited -Jan 2015

10968555_10100180373152704_6469271037232848147_nIn late January some friends from church invited us to celebrate their 40th birthdays (husband and wife turned 40 in the same month) on the island of Zanzibar. Sheshi happens to be our pastor at the international church we attend.  It was just for an overnight stay at one of the resorts there but we decided to take the weekend and stay Saturday night as well but in Stonetown, the main port town.  We had visited Zanzibar 2 years previously (here’s the post) while we were training with the Birth Attendant School. At that time we only spent about 36 hours there so we were excited to go back for a short visit.

The resort for the party was beautiful, complete with white sand, blue water and a swimming pool. The kids spent almost the entire time in the pool turning themselves into prunes.  In the evening the party was so much fun.  Trudie and Sheshi were born around the same time as us and so came of age in the 90’s also and we spent most of the evening dancing to and singing songs from that era (can you still remember all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby and Gansta’s Paradise?)  Many of our friends from church were there so it was an awesome evening spent laughing and just enjoying time together.


Lunch with Belinda. (or Auntie Bee as the kids call her)

The next morning almost everyone was heading back to the mainland but we headed to Stonetown. One of our friends that had recently moved to Kenya had flown in for the event because she is great friends with the guests of honor. She had lots of time to kill so we kidnapped her and brought her to Stonetown until her flight took off.  We had a great time visiting and catching up.


After Bee went to the airport we ventured out to the local fish market at Forodhani Gardens. Every evening fishermen come and skewer up their catch of the day here, whether it be octopus, Barracuda, lobster or the like. IMG_3859They grill it up and here you go! They also have something called Zanzibar pizza which is not really pizza. It’s all kinds of yumminess folded into a tortilla like shell and then fried. It’s very tasty but not the healthiest thing on the menu.


Once you get your skewers you can relax, sit by the water and watch crazy young Zanzabaris jump off the wall into the ocean. Some were doing some pretty impressive tricks and belly flops.

IMG_3810 IMG_3805 IMG_3797

Don’t forget to watch out for the many furry friends who are anxious to share the fare. IMG_3857


This time there were also some dudes break-dancing!  J got really excited about it.

IMG_3824 IMG_3838 IMG_3828 IMG_3831

He tried some of his own moves…

IMG_3848 IMG_3852

and then we convinced him to go up on the stage in front of the crowd to do his moves. So if you know J you know that he would normally shy away from this situation. But he did it!! So proud! What a great step for him. He got some cheers and applause from the crowd as a reward!

IMG_3854 IMG_3855

The next morning we enjoyed a relaxing breakfast with spiced coffee and walked around a bit more before leaving for the ferry. Overall it was a stellar visit to Zanzibar. It’s quaint and charming but really 48 hours is just long enough before the magic wears off.  By the end we had locals yelling “Jambo!” at us (this is usually a greeting locals use for tourists, it was really made popular by this song which some dude actually tried to sing to us until we cut him short in Swahili). Also had some guys trying to charge us outrageous prices for sunglasses; like 5 times the normal amount. Even J was lured in by some guy flashing a Zanzibar soccer jersey telling him he had his size. “He has my size Mama!” Ugh! Time to go. Incidentally, J still talks about getting that jersey. That’s pretty good salesmanship!

In case you didn’t catch them on the first post.. the famous doors of Zanzibar…

IMG_1722 IMG_1718 IMG_1714

100_2495 100_2528







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2 Comments on “Zanzibar Revisited -Jan 2015

  1. Hello there! I found your blog when I was googling : accommodation , missions, cheap, Christian, Zanzibar !
    I am a South African missionary living in Kenya. My mom and I have been dreaming about a holiday to Zanzibar for such a long time and finally it is happening! I just booked a flight tonight! So excited! But I am still looking for accommodation. What is the name of the place you stayed at? Do you know of any Christian retreat places there or any places with a nice atmosphere ? Or even cool people I should meet?

    • Hi Joy! I will email you.. not sure how much help I can be because we stayed for such a short time but let me talk to my husband and one of my friends and see what kind of info I can get you!

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